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A collection of cool people and projects.

On Keyboard-Bashing

by on 22 September 2014
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with some comments, maybe.

In which I write some quick remarks on writing, as a break from writing.

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In the Colossus' Shadow

by on 6 May 2014
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You should check out “In the Colossus’ Shadow”, a project which analyses the rhetoric the the award-winning PlayStation video game Shadow of the Colossus. Masterminded by the excellent Hayden Duke Russell in collaboration with the most eloquent Christopher Ruocchio and yours truly, it serves as our final project for our rhetoric course. This project will hopefully be the first of several similar ones. It’s mostly video-based, so it’ll fit right in with your diet of Let’s Plays and livestreams.

See you over there!

This Space Reconsidered

by on 5 April 2014
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I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with this site. I’ve done a few different things with it, but none of them have really felt right. Some of you may remember that, once upon a time, back in the days of yore, this blog lived at That URL still works; it just redirects here.

Since then, I’ve changed domains twice, first to and then to its current home at I’ve rebuilt the entire site three times, too: I originally based the site on Textpattern, moved to Jekyll for a while, migrated to Tumblr, before coming back to Textpattern again. I’ve redesigned the look of the site too many times to count, covering everything from the industrial-inspired dark gray, lime green, and fuchsia of the original, to a fairly staid black-on-white style, to the current red-accented narrow-column presentation. It’s gone through one name change, too: the original title of the blog was “Null-String”, which was eventually changed to “Sleepying Cyborg”, to match the domain. In short, this site has been my personal playground for the past four years, and I’ve had a lot of fun with it.

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Some Finals Week Thoughts

by on 12 December 2013
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It’s finals week, a magical time of stress and brain death. The irresistible draw of the blogosphere calls to me, however, so here I am, writing a lazy list post consisting of some thoughts I’ve been having lately. You’ve probably already seen most of these if you follow me on Twitter. Oh well.

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Look ma, I’m a writer! & my glorious return to blogging.

by on 1 November 2013
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Regarding to the "posting links regularly" thing I mentioned in the last post, I need to make a remark:




hahaha. ha.

Okay, now that that's over with, I can get down to business.

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by on 27 April 2012
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I like footnotes.

They represent a certain amount of nonlinearity in my prose. If I have a point which is relevant, but doesn't fit anywhere in the flow of thought in the paper, I can separate it out from the text, to be perused at the reader's leisure.

On the other hand, if I have a point which doesn't fit into the flow, it begs the question of whether it really is relevant, and if so, whether it should fit into the flow after all. Therefore, I tend to find myself either rewriting footnotes into the main prose or just outright deleting them. On occasion, I have even found myself (on this blog) turning footnotes into separate posts, or even replacing the original post with the footnote, because it was far more interesting.

I like footnotes because they provide a convenient holding place for ideas before they go elsewhere. Not to say that I don't enjoy a good footnote -- simply that I don't often find a good reason to keep them around beyond the draft stage.