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Digest for 5 April 2013

by on 5 April 2013
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with some comments, maybe.

Today marks 50 years until first contact with the Vulcan.

The Mozilla Javascript team posted a really interesting article explaining how the SpiderMonkey engine works and what they just did to make it better.

I finally got around to reading an article which turned out to be one of the better analyses of the social media phenomenon. I call it an analysis because it doesn't say "social media is a Bad Thing", like a lot of the more sensational article-writers (including myself, at times) do. It talks more about how some patterns of social media are Bad Things, which is more constructive since it can lead to ways to fix those patterns.

Bad Catholic published a guest post with perhaps the single best explanation of the Catholic obsession with the Virgin Mary that I've ever read.

And finally, I've decided that I am going to start posting digests (like this one) with links to interesting articles and some remarks on them.

Facebook, Wherefore Thy Value?

by on 28 June 2012
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with some comments, maybe.

Yes, it's Tau Day. I couldn't get Kevin or Ryan to write a proper post, and I don't feel like writing one myself, so instead I'm going to spend a little time whinging about Everyone's Favourite Social Network. If you want to talk about numbers, go leave comments on my Pi Day post.

Something odd occurred to me earlier. The people who I interact with over the Internet most are either not on Facebook, or I am not friends with them on Facebook, or I don't interact with them over Facebook.

Facebook facebook facebook. If I say it often enough, it'll stop making sense.

Seriously, though: I tend to use email, SMS, Skype, IRC, &c. far more heavily than I do Facebook. Facebook is more of a passive absorption system: it allows me to procrastinate more effectively by providing me with a firehose of content.

I could just nuke it. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure most of my blog readership comes via the links I post on Facebook, and mercenary as it sounds I'd rather not lose that. I could create a page for the blog, but I'd still have to have an account, and also go through the logistics of getting people to "Like" it. (You could argue that the kind of people who want to read things I post on the Internet would do so anyway, but under my current system I can use linkbait titles and ensnare innocent souls.) I could simply stop checking Facebook, but then when people send me messages or invite me to things I wouldn't notice (a non-issue if I'm not on Facebook because they know not to send me anything).