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One Last Call

by on 11 February 2014
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with some comments, maybe.

Update, 12 Feb 2014: The banner is gone, but the tool should still be available at for a while longer.

Sorry to belabor the point, guys, but if you haven’t contacted your representatives about the NSA yet, please do so. We need the bipartisan USA Freedom Act passed to decisively say that unwarranted mass surveillance is inappropriate behavior, and we need the FISA Improvements Act, which would make what the NSA is doing entirely legal, crushed.

For more information see, and please, call or email your representatives! There’s a banner below which makes it super easy. You enter your phone number and zip code, and it gives you a script and connects you to their offices. When I talked to the lady at Senator Burr’s office, she mentioned that they’d gotten a lot of calls about this, so yes, we are being heard!

Again, sorry for the politi-spam, but this is really important stuff. Real content coming soon, I promise, so until then, ladies and gentlemen.