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Interlude - My (Questionable) Study Habits

by on 20 March 2012
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with some comments, maybe.

In which I take a short break from studying to contemplate something banal which popped into my head.

It seems that I study best in the lofty heights of the D. H. Hill Library. There, accompanied by some sort of caffeine-laden beverage, I can concentrate on getting large amounts of work (or procrastination) done.

My latest study bender -- powered by several shots of espresso -- reminds me of a sort of journey of spiritual self-discovery. The initiate heads off to some lofty mountain peak, with his stimulants and whatnot, to contemplate life, the universe, and everything, and perhaps achieve enlightenment. Or in my case, heads off to the upper floors of the library tower with an overly strong cup of coffee at some obnoxious time of night to contemplate the niceties of certain Native American languages, a topic which no doubt set my mind on this track, in the hopes of getting a decent grade.